Thomas Comma

What People Are Saying

“I love this charming short film! THOMAS COMMA is a smart, heart-felt literary adventure that speaks to audiences of all ages, encouraging us to let the best of ourselves win out.”
                                                --Jerry Rudes, Founder of the Avignon Film
                                                           Festival and Cinemonde Film Series

"It is a wonderful educational animation that has a message for all of us regardless of age. It held me spell-bound for the entire film. Congratulations on another unique production."

                                 --Barbara Sue-Ting-Len, Consultant on Global Media
“Thomas Comma is one of those rare delights, a film that both entertains and educates. It's a gem.”

                                           --Dan Bennett, Festival Director, Los Angeles
                                                       International Children's Film Festival

“I just screened your newest film. It’s great. Applies to commas and people like me. It appears to be right for both adults and children. Hope it’s being used world wide like your other work.”

                                                                  --Richard Breyer, Co-Director
                                                 The Documentary Film & History Program
                                                                                Syracuse University

“Martha Baird's delightful story of Thomas, the comma in quest of his place in life, could not have fallen into better hands than those of Ken Kimmelman. His light and elegant touch, whimsical animation, and thoughtful imagery respect the story's authenticity while putting his unmistakeable personal stamp and artistry on it. A must-see for children and those who have remained children at heart.

                                --Diego Lahou, Founder of Lahou School for the Arts
                                              Lausanne, Switzerland and Dakar, Senegal

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