As lonely as a comma without a sentence.
                                  -- Eli Siegel, Founder, Aesthetic Realism

Thomas Comma
About the Film

Ken Kimmelman's animated film Thomas Comma is based on a story by the poet Martha Baird. It's a charming, humorous, sophisticated and wonderful adventure of a lonely comma looking for the right sentence. Drawn by hand and then painted on computer, the film (24 minutes) will not only delight and inspire children of all ages (and adults)—but also encourage and educate them to have the best thing in them win! “We're all of us like commas,” said Martha Baird, “looking for the right sentence.”

Produced & Directed by Ken Kimmelman
Executive Producer: Robert Murphy
Voices: Anne Fielding & Timothy Lynch
Computer Imagery: CHA-POW!
Titles: Jennifer Basynat
Sound: Vertigo Power
Original Music: Edward Green
Produced by Imagery Film, Ltd. , © 2009



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